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Light Minded + Romy Louise Candle


Child Protection is everyones business! Project Rescue Children, have you heard of them? Well now you have and the name speaks for itself! Romy Louise Candles has teamed up with Light Minded to create a candle that not only raises awareness but donates 100% of the profits made from its sales to PRC in an effort to help them rescue and protect children from child trafficking and exploitation across the globe.
You’ll also be happy to know that the scent we chose was none other than the most popular “Harajuku Girl” (Japanese Honeysuckle)!
So if you’re onboard and agree with us that we all need to start talking and taking action against these monsters who harm our children, buy the candle, light it up and know that you’ve just supported an organisation that will stop at nothing until every child is rescued and safe!

Here is a little bit about Project Rescue Children:

Our mission is to rescue and protect children from child trafficking and exploitation across the globe. We achieve this through rescue, aftercare, education and awareness. We are committed to restoring and empowering the rights of every child. ​This is one conversation Australia is not having. The only way to combat child trafficking is to get the message out, to raise awareness and to educate the nation. So we need to start talking and we need to make our voices loud. More than a million children right now are depending on us.

Scent Description:
The flowers of a Japanese Honeysuckle grow in pairs and the vine grows fast! So make-like-the-plant and pair up whilst this Harajuku girl makes quick work of filling the air with her sweet, sweet perfume!

Notes of mandarin, pine needle, grape, neroli, vanilla, malt, jasmine and cedarwood.

Thank you for your support!

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180g – Burn time 33 hours


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