Candles handcrafted by Romy Louise are Sustainable and Australian made with love and care.

Find out more about our ingredients and why Romy Louise is the purest choice:

About Romy Louise candles:
– 100% Coconut-Soy blend wax.
– Handmade by Romy on the Gold Coast.
– All-natural primed cotton wicks.
– Safely Free from Harmful Metals & Toxins.
– Sustainable Ingredients & Packaging.
– Free Delivery on all orders over $150
– Over 95 hours Burn Time.

100% Coconut-Soy Wax

All candles are made using the highest quality blend of purely natural coconut and soy wax. This wax produces a smooth, creamy appearance and is designed and manufactured in Sydney, Australia. It has the capacity to hold more fragrance oil, releasing a stronger scent than most waxes and balancing it more evenly to ensure consistent aromas.

All-Natural Lead-Free Wick

Coated in a special blend of priming wax, the high quality lead-free natural cotton wicks promote a smooth, clean and even burn without releasing harmful toxins.

Fragrance Oils

Fragrance oils used to create the essence of your candle are vegan and cruelty-free. The oil to wax ratio has been perfected over time to provide an aroma that’s as enticing as it is relaxing without overpowering a room. Each fragrance is carefully chosen and tested to ensure a subtleness in scent while still filling a room with an inviting aroma.

Reusable Glass Vessels

Candles are housed in round glass vessels made from the moulding technique, making them much more durable. Once your candle has burnt, re-use your glass jars long into the future as a tea-light holder, vase, coin jar or makeup brush holder!

When you choose Romy Louise, every candle is individually hand-poured, designed and labelled carefully with love and care.

Recyclable Tube Packaging

All our tube packaging is made with the environment and sustainability in mind and can be recycled.