Top 3 candle scents for the Kitchen by Romy Louise

Top 3 candle scents for the Kitchen!

Ahhh the kitchen. The Mecca of smells! No matter how hard I try to keep it clean and pleasant on the nose, I can’t be alone in thinking there may or may not be some new form of home brew kombucha currently culturing away in the crisper… Am I right?

I read all the home cleaning blogs, follow The Organised Housewife, who by the way is the organisation QUEEN! Check her out!

But I’ve realised no amount of reading is going to get the job done. (Author stares out the window contemplating forgoing food to afford live in maid…. realises it’s not worth it). Hence, I’ve compiled a list of the three top candle scents for the kitchen. You’re welcome!

I hear kitchen, I think fresh, clean, bright spaces. Bright summer fruits sliced on the chopping board or floating in vodka sodas/gin and tonics, whatever your preference is the vision is clear. It’s Fresh, and so, should smell accordingly. Enter Coconut + Lime, it’s the ultimate refresher – an alluring blend of fresh coconut, lime and revitalising verbena, relaxed by luscious vanilla, an irresistible classic. In terms of aromatherapy the smell of coconut is a natural stress reducer. It can help to soothe feelings of anxiety and bring you peace of mind. Aside from those very impressive benefits, this one is going to make you feel like you’ve just walked into the beach bar in Tahiti. Tip, if you have little kids around, get them to take their shoes off in in there and it’ll feel like you’re walking on the beach too.

My second suggestion is the definition of Fresh, and takes the lead in citrus noted candles in the Classic Collection. If you haven’t tried it yet, I Strongly urge you to start your day with the invigorating Black Tea + Lychee Candle. An elusive aroma made from select black tea leaves, infused with the sweet smelling exotic scent of the lychee fruit and complimented by top notes of bergamot and orange with subtle amber and cedarwood undertones.

Did you know that drinking black tea is proven to reduce stress levels? I’m going to put it out there and say that the Black Tea + Lychee Candle does the same thing.

Lastly, my personal fruity favourite is Posy. Posy is a crowd favourite in the Artisan Collection and a signature Romy Louise Fragrance. Posy transports you to your favourite day spa (cough cough Endota Day Spa Surfers Paradise…..) Imagine the sweet scent of orange and peach blossoms permeating in the air. You’ve just surrendered to an entire hot oil sugar scrub body exfoliation, a warm foot spa with floating botanicals, calming music transporting you to another level of relaxation while you lay enveloped in fluffy warm towels anticipating the feeling of hot jade stones massaging and soothing your body and soul. Now if that’s not the epitome of relaxation I’ll eat my hat. Burn this one in the Kitchen daily and you’ll find it near impossible to avoid going in there to cook or get those lunches packed. You may even find you have lots of helpers drawn in there too!

Top 3 candle scents for the Kitchen by Romy Louise

There it is, the roundup of the top 3 scents recommended for the kitchen. Coconut and Lime, Black Tea and Lychee and Posy. Remember that a good scent can contribute to a good life and with the right candle, any old kitchen space can be transformed and flourish into its rightful title as the “heart of the home”.

That first shot’s a piccy of some Bougainvillea I pruned off this morning to throw a little complimentary greenery around. I love bringing the outdoors inside for some grounding on a dreary yet cosy winters day here on the Gold Coast. Also, I love a fridge decorated with love, don’t you?

Remember, be fancy, burn the candle!

Love Rom.