Tis’ the season for calm amongst the chaos

Tis’ the season for calm amongst the chaos

As December fast approaches, the time for holidays and festive celebrations kicks off. For many of us, the time to relax and unwind moves even further out of reach. Although it is a happy season, the to-do list grows even bigger as we rush to wrap up work deadlines, shop for presents, make time family and friends and get the house ready for entertaining. This pressure combined with our own expectations can easily stand in the way of having a rejuvenating and enjoyable Christmas period. But the good news is there are a handful of strategies that we can practise to escape the moment and regain much needed calm over the silly season.

The power of scent

The reason aromatherapy (also known as scent therapy) can be so powerful in helping us feel calm is because it triggers our limbic system, which is the part of the brain linked to emotions and memories. When you breathe in a particular scent, it triggers a reaction in that part of the brain and sets off a reaction in our bodies like feeling relaxed or joyful. Because of this link between scent and memory, we can effectively train ourselves to associate a certain scent with feeling calm. For you, this may be burning your favourite candle with essential oils that are known to settle feelings of anxiety like Bergamot, Rose or Ylang ylang. At Romy Louise HQ, we love burning BLOOM when there’s a tonne of orders to process or a big project in the works.

Exhale for calm

This practice is one of the simplest ways we can bring ourselves back into the present moment and calm our minds. Breathwork helps to lower stress and bring balance to your body. The basic notion of breathwork is to release toxins and stress when you breathe out and nourish your mind and body when you breathe in. A simple technique is to start by simply taking a slow, deep inhale for a count of five, and then a slow, deep exhale for a count of seven. Whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed, your breath is always within reach to utilise as a grounding tool in amongst the busyness of life.

Set boundaries (and stick to them)

Although it is very tempting to say yes to every invite that comes your way, learn to say no if it’s not realistically what you have time for. Think mindfully about how you want to spend this festive season and set some boundaries for both yourself and your family to follow. Whether this looks like only committing to one social event per weekend or having a firm budget for gift spending, boundaries are there to guide you in making the right decisions, so you don’t end up feeling exhausted or resentful. Resist the common reflex to say ‘yes’, even over the seemingly small tasks (like offering to make everyone a handmade Christmas pudding). It’s these small commitments that can build up and become overwhelming when you’re trying to focus on the bigger items (like hosting Christmas Eve).

Make time for YOU

As the to-do list grows, it’s important to prioritise some time for selfcare in your calendar. Book it in like you would a party or end of year school concert – a set time and place will keep you accountable. Whatever your stress reliever is during your regular routine such as Pilates, a morning walk to get coffee or journaling, make sure that you find the time and space to maintain these good habits during the holidays. You will thank yourself later – recharging and taking a break to be your best self is essential for a happy festive season.

We invite you to give the gift of calm to a loved one this Christmas – explore our collection of luxurious handcrafted candles that invite a moment to pause and be present in amongst the chaos.