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Spotlight on Inspiring Women – Meagen Nay

Whether it’s someone close to you in your life, your Mum, Sister, Colleague, or someone you’ve watched from afar admiring how they do things, we all have someone we look up to. Someone that we think “how do they do it”? How do they juggle it all , the tough, the glamorous, the tricky and exciting, all the balls that they seem to keep in the air? I’ve wanted to do this for quite some time now, and that is to share with you the strong, inspiring, real women, out there making waves and and brave enough to be themselves, and no one else while they’re at it. We are living in a world where young girls and women don’t even know that it’s ok to be who they are. That they don’t need to be like someone else that they saw on a plethora of social media platforms. Being yourself in a World where everybody is trying to be someone else is empowering, refreshing and should be the most natural thing we do in life. Which brings me to introduce our very first participant in our spotlight on inspiring women piece, Meagen Nay.

Meagan’s Instagram bio reads Dual Olympian, Sports Commentator/MC and Diabetic. But this doesn’t even come close to describing who she is. In addition to representing Australia at the Olympic Games in Beijing and London for swimming, Meagen is also one of the most genuine, determined, warm hearted souls you’ll ever find. She has had to overcome some tough personal challenges along the way that I’m sure would see many others throw in the towel and use that as an excuse to give up. It’s her positive outlook and being unapologetically true to herself that always shines through, despite those inevitable ups and downs in life.

Megzy is also one of my oldest friends, meeting when we were 10 through swimming, then going on to be school mates through high school on the Gold Coast. I’d like to thank Megz for taking the time to answer some personal questions for us all to read and reflect on. I couldn’t think of anyone I admire more to kick off this segment of inspirational women.

Tell us a little about yourself.

Well, I’m just a girl from the Gold Coast who was a cheeky little child, then somehow turned into an ok swimmer, and then finding her way through life and herself. I’m just me, I like to live everyday with a positive attitude and I try to give back and help people. Be kind, inspiring, yourself, and motivated to chase what you want.

What does your morning routine look like?

I’ve always been a morning person. I can’t say I have a strict routine, but I do enjoy a few things in the mornings. I only set one alarm in the morning (and this is only if I have to set an alarm for something). I’m up straight away, otherwise I’ll keep snoozing! Then I’m testing my BGL, as I’m a diabetic. Hopefully a smile as my levels are usually in range (not competitive). I put on some oils to defuse and light a Romy Louise candle, then I like to make myself a coffee, plan my exercise for the day, and read some news and social media for 15 minutes. Time then for a quick little wake up stretch of the body with five to six exercises and stretches. Usually my mind wanders, and I try and focus on my breathing and say a few things I’m grateful for out loud.

How do you manage the juggle of work/life/family?

Life is about balance. I’ve only just found this space. When I was a professional swimmer, that balance was hard and sometimes very unbalanced. Finding a nice even balance for work, family, friends and things you enjoy doing is just life.
I try and move my body everyday, as this is important for my mental health and diabetes. I’m a big water drinker also, I enjoy hydrating as I know the benefits. I find date nights or even a simple dinner with my partner can connect us after long work days. I feel it’s the simple things for me and not putting too much pressure on the above or trying to make it all perfect. I also like space or YOU time. Find it, use it, and don’t apologise for it.

How do you make time for self care? What does this look like for you?

Big one. I have no set routine or secrets here. When I feel I need me time or self love, I like to have my own space, walk, exercise, read, headphones on, bubble baths, Romy Louise candles, chocolate and even I find writing down things I’m grateful for or writing down some goals I want to achieve. All of these things help clear my mind, I do a few or all of them when I need some love. Self talk is also a tool I use sometimes to gain my confidence back, making sure I speak to myself positive and let me know I’m going ok in life. And it’s ok not to be ok sometimes. I have a close circle that when I don’t feel self love, I chat to them, or I do the things above that make me smile and feel deep in my soul that I’m a human and its ok to feel things. My mindset has shifted to positive over the years, I’ve had some crazy cards dealt in my life, but I’ve chosen to be positive and keep pushing on in life.

We would love to hear your thoughts on how you look after your mental health.

This is a topic I’m truly passionate about. I’m no expert, but I will let you know a few things that work for me and to let you know that we are all individuals, no one is the same as you.

I have had some tragedies in my life that still to this day make me sad, upset, angry and I have all the feels. I’ve worked hard on these with multiple professionals through the years. But I choose to learn, be positive and be strong for myself. I enjoy pushing my body and mind’s limits – I like learning new mindset techniques and how the mind works. So for me when I have those days (and I have down days more often than people would think), I sit in those days, reflect, do the simple things in life, and I always say to myself ‘these feelings or emotions will pass’ .

I try in those moments, to do things that make me smile or I enjoy. Even if that is fresh air, feeling the earth under my feet on grass, swimming in the ocean, telling someone who means a lot to me that I appreciate them and love them. Simple things, positive and know it’s ok being able to talk about emotions and mental health is big also. Be open, be honest and know it’s ok to talk, cry, laugh and let it out.

I found the transition from professional athlete to normal life the hardest of my life. I struggled day in, day out for years. It’s taken me nearly seven years to be at a level that I’m confident and proud of, that I can do things to get me through those dark days.

What is your favourite way to unwind and relax?

Definitely to get salty in the ocean, sun on my skin and then come back and have a nice warm bubble bath with a Romy Louise candle and cold sparkling water. Simple and small things for me.

If you had to pick your favourite Romy Louise candle, which one and why (we know this is a hard question!)?

Salted Caramel. Oh it’s delicious and reminds me of the ocean. I love when you walk into your home and you can smell the candle!

Best piece of advice you’ve received?

The best life advice I was given was from my swimming coach Michael Bohl, who was like my father, life coach, psychologist and swim coach in one. More of quote, he said to me ‘Megz, wouldn’t it be boring if we were all the same?’

I have a little slogan and saying that I came up with a few years back and it’s ‘beYOU’.
This is my advice, be yourself, for yourself. It takes courage to be yourself in a world where you are constantly told that who you are isn’t enough. Being yourself is the biggest gift you can offer yourself and others. Be brave enough to beYOU and show the world who you are without any apology.

I would like to thank Meagen for saying yes to this spotlight and taking the time to share some of her life with us. Megz has always been someone I have looked up to, admired and loved as a person and whom I count myself lucky to call a friend. Thank You for being you, and I hope you always have the courage to be!

I’m really excited about kicking this off with you all, and I’m looking forward to sharing next months spotlight with you soon.

As always, myself and the team would love to hear from you. Say hello on Instagram  or get in touch via email.

Romy x