Discover the power of scent for your brand - Candles by Romy Louise

Discover the power of scent for your brand

Have you ever walked into a store and experienced a beautiful scent that reminds you of that business every time you smell it? This is known as scent marketing and is a perfect strategy for creating a multi-sensory brand experience for your customers. Here at Romy Louise, we love using candles to create the perfect connection between scent and emotion. Handcrafting bespoke scents is a true passion of ours, combining your vision with our expertise to craft a signature scent exclusively for your brand. If this is something you would like to explore further, below we’ve outlined the unique benefits of scent marketing for your business (and your customers!).

The science behind scent by Romy Louise Candles - Australian Made

The science behind scent

Before we dive into all the amazing benefits of using scent in your business, let’s start from the beginning and uncover the science of fragrance. The sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses and connects to a part of the brain that evokes memories and emotions. This is the reason why we’re instantly reminded of past memories or transported to back to a time or place when exposed to certain scents (the scent of coconut might take you back to a tropical island holiday or the smell of cinnamon could remind you of your favourite bakery). Research has shown a direct correlation between scent and consumer behaviour, which means having a signature fragrance in your brand environment can be a powerful marketing tool for business. One study proved that around 75% of emotions generated every day are due to smell, which makes scent marketing important in driving sales in-store (i).

Connection is key

As retail experiences become more competitive, brands are looking for new ways to create distinctive and enjoyable moments for their customers. Signature scents involve combining fragrance notes that evoke a particular emotion and feeling associated with a brand. Using a bespoke fragrance for your business as ambient scenting can enhance a customer’s experience in store and lead to a deeper connection to your brand. This results in increased loyalty over time – an absolute dream for any business! A consumer study showed that scent marketing can increase customer satisfaction by 20% (ii). At Romy Louise, we work collaboratively with businesses to craft an unforgettable scent that is aligned with their brand aesthetic and products. There is the option of candles or room sprays, which can also be sold to customers who fall in love with the aroma.

Scent is sales

Has the particular scent of an environment ever drawn you in? Perhaps your favourite hair salon has a relaxing fragrance like vanilla or walking past a yoga studio with the scent of eucalyptus and orange had you curious to stop in for a visit? A curated fragrance blend that complements your brand will invite customers into your business and create an enjoyable experience. This can lead to customers spending more time in the environment and increases their perception of quality. Research undertaken by Nike found that buyers in scented environments are willing to pay 10 to 20% more for products than they are in non-scented environments (ii). Another study also demonstrated that scent marketing increased Nike customers’ intent to purchase by up to 84% (iii). You may be wondering what this all means for your small business. Scent could have this same powerful impact for your brand. The result? An increase in sales and a very happy business owner (you)!

Think outside the box

If your business doesn’t have a bricks and mortar space, don’t worry. Scent marketing is still something that you can utilise to create a special experience for your customers. If you’re an e- commerce brand, consider spraying the packing material with a signature scent so it’s the first thing the buyer experiences when they unbox their order. It’s all about getting creative to ensure your scent becomes recognisable and is an extension of your brand identity. Your customers will think of you every time they smell it and remember how good your brand makes them feel.

If this has delighted your senses (literally), we would love you to get in touch with us to create a bespoke scent for your beautiful brand.

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