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10 ways to recycle your candle jar

You may have 1, 10 or 100 old candle jars that you can’t bear to throw away because they were your favourite candle, you paid for them and somewhere deep inside you know that they still have a little life left in them. Well, you’re right! Why would you throw them away when you can repurpose them? Being a candle maker, I am forever burning “test” candles and the ones that my friends don’t snatch up end up burning in every room of the house, sometimes two or three at a time. Insert meeting introduction here* Hi I’m Romy and I’m a Candle Addict!!! First of all, you’ll need to give them a wash, so depending on how full your candle is still, you can either scrape it out or fill a saucepan with hot water that comes to the top of the wax. Bring it to a simmer and pop the candle jar in. You will see that the wax begins to melt and you will be able to discard of it. Then simply give it a hot soapy wash and dry it off. Here is 10 ways that I have made my candle jars new again that you can do too!

  1. Plant!! Exercise your green thumb and turn it into a pot plant. My favourite is succulents, cacti or mini maidenhairs (so cute!)
  2. Make up brushes! Pull them out of the draw and put them on display! Hey they aren’t cheap, show off your collection!
  3. Tea light holder. Remove the labels by soaking them in hot soapy water then pop the tea lights in and line the dinner table!
  4. Bits and Bobs holder. Those bits that are rolling around in the draw, bobby pins, paper clips, extra chargers, fill it up!
  5. Tea/coffee/sugar jars! Get some mini blackboard labels and chalk pens from the $2 shop and jazz up the kitchen bench corner.
  6. Toothbrush and toothpaste holder! Most hygienic part is that they are clear, so you’ll be reminded to wash them out!
  7. Who doesn’t need a place to save their coins! You’d be amazed at how many hundreds in $2’s you can save in these babies!
  8. A vase! Forage some cute cuttings from your garden to make a home grown coffee table accent.
  9. Make your own candle. Your local spotlight or craft supplies usually has all the supplies you need to make your own hobby candle, and Pinterest will tell you how. That’s how I started!
  10. Recycle them! They’re glass after all, so give them a hot soapy wash and pop them in the recycling bin.