How to make the most out of your Romy Louise Candle

  • Firstly it is best to take a look at the warning label on the bottom of the vessel and familiarise yourself with these safety points.
  • Candles have what is called a wax memory and should always be burned for a minimum of 1 hour to ensure that the wax pool is melted right to the edge of the glass all the way around. This sets the wax memory.
  • Never extinguish the candle before this wax pool is melted to the edge all the way around. This is to prevent tunnelling where the wax stays on the edge of the glass and forms a hole “tunnel” down the middle of the vessel.
  • Never burn the candle for more than 3 hours at a time.
  • Always trim the wick to 5mm before re-lighting, this reduces possible smoking and “mushrooming” of the wick.
  • Never extinguish your candle with water or a lid, and be sure to blow it out when there is 10mm left at the bottom. This is how you know it’s time to get a new candle.