Our small batch, signature Australian Handmade Candles continue to define who we are. The Classic & Artisan Collections are the culmination of experience, passion and the desire to create the perfect connection between scent and emotion.

A few words about who we are…

Firstly, hello. It means so much to us all that you are visiting today. I’d like to tell you a little bit about who we are, so you can get a sense of where your candles come from. I’m an Aussie girl who married this cheeky looking Kiwi man, and together we now have the two most precious girls we could ever have hoped for. It is on the Gold Coast, in the home that we have made together that each RL candle is made. Everything you see here was probably thought up in our lounge room, with Friends on the TV, some Garth Brooks playing in the kitchen and kids on our laps. It really is a family business, I come up with the ideas and make the candles, Cam carries the heavy stuff and tells me which ideas are the best ones (let’s face it, I have a LOT haha) and our eldest loves to peel off and pass me the sticky labels while the youngest watches with a big smile and squeal. What started as a passionate hobby with some supplies from Spotlight, an old cut crystal ashtray and my late Dad’s kitchen is now a business that we pour our heart and souls into to deliver you the best candles we can. We hope you enjoy them every single day!

love RL x

Romy Louise candles show someone just how much they mean to you…yourself included!
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The Classic Collection was made for you, it was made for fun. To invoke memories and good feelings. It’s common knowledge that we all need to relax more, look after ourselves and do it well.

The scents in this Classic Collection are a mix between earthy, fruity, floral and mouth-watering. Curated with you in mind, they’re guaranteed to set the mood right.

I ensure you’ve found just what you were looking for, right here in your hand. Each one is an artwork, made by hand, on the Gold Coast using only the highest quality materials and a coconut-soy wax blend.

Please don’t save it for a special occasion, be fancy, burn the candle!

This candle is part of the Artisan collection made in small batches by hand, in my humble family studio on the Gold Coast.

Some of my earliest memories were made in the picturesque, mountain top city of Toowoomba and Roma prior to that.

This Artisan collection was inspired by Toowoomba in the Springtime with all its beautiful botanical parks, quaint country gardens and my favourite, the Annual Carnival of Flowers spent with cousins. Each scent has been carefully curated over time to be part of the RL signature Artisan Collection.

I love adding hints of my personality into everything I create. I believe when people are relaxed and feeling happy within themselves, that they are more likely to treat others with kindness and respect.

So from me to you, I hope you enjoy this candle and you can really “escape the moment”.