I’m Romy Louise, but you can call me Romy. I’m a local Gold Coast girl with a passion for making things! I simply love to create, and push myself to try new things. Romy Louise originally started out as a hobby, I would make candles and cushions and spikey little Kokedama plants to give as presents to family and friends. I took inspiration and channelled my inner Oprah and come Christmas mornings there I was calling out “You get a Candle, YOU get a candle, Everybody gets a Candle!!!!”, They never saw it coming.

My passion has always been arts & crafts, from as far back as I can remember I have enjoyed ‘making things’. My childhood consisted of the normal after school and weekend activities from swimming, dancing, playing/arguing with my brother and cousins. We’d mow cricket pitches in Grans backyard and use avocados or macadamias from the trees as the ball. If we knew the cost of them and how delicious they were I’m sure we’d jump the fence to find the tennis ball. The fruit that wasn’t used as the ball, we’d gather and sell in a stall at the end of the street, we were always starting little business’s to make money for the those Choco-malt ice-cream Fridays!

Romy Louise was established as a platform for me to share what I love with the world, which is to make! I’m a maker, I see things, imagine things and see them so clearly that I simply create them from the image in my mind. That moment when I am holding in front of me what I imagined and then turned it into a tangible object is simply the best!

Romy Louise Candles are all made using the best container soy wax on the market today. Eco Soy Wax is derived from soybeans and is 100% pure, biodegradable and of course non-toxic. Each fragrance and essential oil is carefully chosen and tested to ensure only the most amazing scented candles are made for you and your customers to enjoy. The Cedarwood wicks used in the 400g Big Mumma candles burn a natural like crackling flame, creating a campfire ambience. The 45g Bambinos have a lead free cotton wick that also give a nice clean burn. Both sizes are housed in round glass vessels made from the molding technique, making them much more durable. The best part of all is that they are all individually hand poured, designed and labelled carefully with love at home by myself, Romy Louise.

Starting at the local Gold Coast markets the demand for Romy Louise handmade candles has been so overwhelming we have now opened a fully-fledged online shop shipping as far as the UK.

Although demand is high, every single product is made & shipped by me personally, I like to know that every candle that leaves my home for your home has had my special touch and care put into making it.

My Story

When it all began…
I can remember being a little girl at my Grans house in Toowoomba, she would lay out a towel, as to not ruin that “beautiful” speckled orange yellow and brown carpet that would have been oh so stylish in the 60’s. Some of the arts and crafts that came to life on that towel are still here today in my Dads box of special things and some of the more accomplished pieces (in his opinion) are still on display.

The first RL candle was made from a very old, pretty and may I add super heavy cut crystal ash tray. It too had come from my Grans Toowoomba house. I think it was actually my Auntys, so don’t tell her. I had been talking about making a candle for a while and when I was in PNG, a girl I worked with had a Black tea and Lychee candle in her room that was to die for. I would make special trips to visit her, just so I could smell it! That was it, when I got home I was off to Spotlight, the mega store I spent so much time in, I was on a first name basis. Armed with my trusty Pinterest App I bought all the supplies the DIY blog told me I needed, went home and got to work. I wish I had a photo of it to share with you, but it was vanilla, had three wicks and I thought it was the best thing I had ever made. From there I started ordering lots of glassware and oils and wicks and wax and everything I could think of to get all stocked up for a market stall.

The first market I went to was at a local PCYC and It took my full car and my Dads full ute to get all of my set up there! Let’s just say I had everything except the kitchen sink. I’m pretty sure every single person I know turned up that day to support me, each purchasing an RL creation. I had cushions, face sprays, lip balms, furniture big candles little candles and kokedama hanging plants! I have since downsized and sticking to the candles. I wanted to choose one thing that I love and really put all my effort into that! So that’s what I am doing. I have had many early mornings setting up at markets over the last two years and I now have an online store that ships all over the country and even Internationally now! I have amazing stockists who I love and a strong support network of incredible family and friends around me that are constantly talking up my candles and are my best marketing tool! I love designing and making candles and I want to spread that love into your homes by making each candle individually myself and adding that extra care with the handmade touch. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. After all, the 3 C’s, one can never have enough candles, coffees and chocolate! I like to add cushions as a 4th too, you can never have too many of those either.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my webpage.