From ashtray-candle jars to local markets to a thriving online store!

With arts and crafts always a burning passion, the first experience that sparked my obsession with candle-making was a work trip to PNG. A colleague burnt a black tea and lychee candle in her room, and I would make special trips to visit her so that I could smell it. The smell was familiar and comforting. It put me at ease. I didn’t realise it at the time, but I became addicted to how much the fresh scent helped me relax while working a stressful job. It was the first time I understood how much a warming aroma could positively impact whatever someone was going through.

Immediately after that trip, I was inspired to give other people positive emotional experiences through handmade candles and I was soon sitting at my kitchen table pouring a vanilla-scented candle into a cut crystal ashtray that belonged to my aunty. Remembering how much the scent of that one candle had improved my experience of my working trip, I filled my first soy wax concoction with heartfelt emotion, and I’ve been doing the same ever since.

From ashtray-candle jars to local markets to a thriving online store!

A family girl at heart, I spent my childhood making gifts filled with love for my mum, dad, cousins, and grandparents. I’ll never forget the feeling of watching someone’s face light up as they received one of my handmade gifts, and some of my creations are still on proud display. There’s no greater joy for me than the thought of someone’s genuine happiness as they inhale the comforting scent of a Romy Louise soy candle, and every candle created in my Gold Coast studio aims to pass that delight onto the customer too.

The Romy Louise range has previously encompassed cushions, face sprays, lip balms, furniture, big candles, little candles and Kokedama hanging plants, but so I don’t have to compromise on the amount of love that goes into each item, I now focus solely on designing every candle and creating unique scents for the Luxe range.

From my first ashtray-candle to selling up at local Gold Coast markets to my online store and wholesale agreements with high street chains such as Myer, I continue to pour my love into every single soy candle that leaves our warehouse. Whether you’re buying a candle for yourself or for a gift, I want everyone to feel the same pleasure when they open the box that my dad used to show me as he opened one of my handmade gifts.

Thank you for helping spread the joy of my delicious scents among those you love.

Romy Louise x