Romy Louise

All-natural scented soy candles… infused with love!

Romy Louise is an exclusive range of handmade candles that gives a warm embrace with every burn. More than just delicately hand-crafted soy candles, when you choose Romy Louise, you’re selecting the scent of happiness, a celebration, or a giant hug when someone needs it the most.

Want to show your mum you appreciate everything she does for you?

Give the gift of gratitude embedded in the delectable scents of coconut and lime.
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Best friend going through a rough patch?

Shroud your support in the reassuring aroma of sweet and delicious salted caramel.
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Time to indulge yourself with the self-care you need to thrive?

Calm your mind with the tropical fragrance of Pina Colada and drift off to a faraway island where you can rest and recharge.
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High, low, happy, sad; every soy candle in the Romy Louise range is lovingly created to fill a room with ambience laced in the comfort of knowing that someone cares.

Romy Louise candles are scented with fragrance oils blended in perfect fusion with pure 100% eco soy wax. Each candle is presented in a sturdy glass jar and combined with the essence of genuine intention to provide serenity and happiness wherever it’s burned.

From a young age, Romy Louise witnessed the positive impact of showing someone they’re appreciated through the gift of handmade wares. She has scaled Romy Louise Candles to extend that feeling of joy to customers to experience themselves and pass onto their own loved ones.

About Romy Louise candles:

  • 100% eco soy wax
  • Handmade by Romy Louise on the Gold Coast, Australia
  • All-natural fibre wicks
  • Free from harmful metals and toxins for your safety
  • Sustainable and traceable ingredients and packaging
  • Free delivery on all orders over $100
  • Buy today and receive 10% off your first order!
  • Over 70 hours burn time

Romy Louise candles show someone just how much they mean to you…yourself included!

Romy louise

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