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Romy Louise Luxe Eco Soy Candles are all handmade on the Gold Coast by me, Romy. I take a lot of care and time making and adding my own loving touches to each individual candle in my home. When you give or receive an RL candle, you’re supporting a dream, an Australian small business and a real person does a happy dance! Me, I do! I believe the smell of a room can change your whole mood, bring back memories and make new ones. So purchase with intent, I made these for you to feel good! I hope you love my beautiful candles as much as I do.

Romy louise

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Island Time Pack - Soy Candles

Island Time

They say “Three’s a crowd”, we say the more the merrier!

from $39.50

Hey Girl Will you be my bridesmaid?

Thinking of the most stylish way possible to ask your favourite girls to be your bridesmaids? Here it is!

from $16.50
Hey Girl you light my Flame

Hey Girl you light my Flame

Sometimes you just want to be able to tell her how awesome she is...

from $16.50

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